Boosting Profits in the Mortgage Industry by Increasing Customer Satisfaction

The experts at Docutech have recently identified a number of the most important trends currently at work in the mortgage industry. We have been looking to the future to see what mortgage professionals can expect. Our findings were recently published in an eBook entitled Lending Technology: Three Key 2018 Trends Shaping the Future.

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Innovation Takes Center Stage at 2018 Digital Mortgage Conference

Innovation and evolution within the mortgage industry continue to reach new heights as consumer demand and reliance on digital technology become commonplace across every industry. As a result, lenders are investing in technology offerings that not only help them remain competitive by improving the experience of their customers, but also simplify and streamline processes and decrease costs.

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Industry Spotlight: Blue Sage

Docutech’s integrations with leading technology providers in the mortgage and consumer lending industry are key to helping us deliver end-to-end solutions that enable lenders to streamline loan origination, reduce costs, and optimize the experience for the borrower. In our monthly Industry Spotlight blog series, we highlight key relationships that help us move the industry forward by delivering the most streamlined, accurate, compliant and innovative document experience possible.

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Filling Out the Digital Mortgage Puzzle

Executing on a complete digital mortgage strategy has been much like completing a giant puzzle. As puzzle pieces like technology infrastructure, regulatory standards, consumer demand, and the need to cut origination cost have aligned, the digital mortgage picture has become more complete.

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Treasury Throws its Weight Behind Digital Mortgage Technology

The evolution towards true end-to-end digital mortgages becoming a reality is gaining increasing momentum with new recommendations from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Mortgage technology has evolved over the past two decades to include automated underwriting tools, digital document generation, eSignatures, eVaults, and mobile and online loan point-of-sale platforms. The Treasury recommendations address the critical need for more investor acceptance of eNotes for true broad-based use of digital mortgages.

While lenders have embraced much of the innovations paving the way to eMortgages, there have been roadblocks – often in the form of outdated regulations and technologies, as well as lack of support from investors that drive much of the mortgage industry’s secondary market.

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Docutech, Floify Integrate to Bring Document Automation to Lending Point-of- Sale

In the spirit of providing lenders and borrowers with a more efficient, digital loan origination process, Docutech recently announced an agreement to integrate with mortgage automation and SaaS point-of-sale (POS) platform Floify. The integration of these two technology platforms will streamline the generation, delivery and signature of loan disclosures.

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Docutech’s Solex Brings eSign Customization to Loan Documents with New Editor Features

A common pain point for many lenders we speak to is the inability to seamlessly enable electronic delivery and eSignature for every document that needs to be provided to the borrower.  Too often, lenders struggle to send additional documents beyond those included in the standard loan doc package, such as appraisal acknowledgments, change of address addendums or explanatory letters, to name a few.

This specific – and common – need led Docutech to innovate document Editor capabilities within Solex eSign.

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Client Spotlight: Mountain America Credit Union Selects Docutech to Streamline New Account Onboarding and Consumer Lending

Recently, we announced that Mountain America Credit Union selected Docutech’s document and eSign technologies to create an even better experience for its members and help them achieve their financial dreams. Specifically, Mountain America Credit Union chose Docutech’s ConformX dynamic document generation engine, Solex eSign and eClose, and print fulfillment services to streamline their new account onboarding, and consumer, home equity and short-term mortgage refinance lending processes.

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