December '21 Compliance Roundup

As the year came to a close, we made a number of changes to documents in our library, but we didn’t see any activity coming out of the state legislators or from federal agencies or regulators during the month of December. We anticipate this will change as 2022 gets underway. Our expert compliance team will keep you up to date.

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Document Changes
Our compliance team delivered a number of both minor and significant document updates in December. The changes have been summarized below with links to the full descriptions of the updates.

  • As part of our normal monthly audit of Federal agency forms, we will be updating our copy of the Model Notice for Informed Consumer Choice Disclosure (Cx41) to match the latest version of the form on HUD’s website. Learn more.
  • The Model A-3/H-3 Form features a graph to disclose a range of credit scores by a particular credit reporting agency. Because these agencies have updated their graphs, we are modifying Cx15312 to disclose the latest revisions of these credit score graphs from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Learn more.
  • The CFPB has updated a couple of the dollar amounts specified in various parts of Federal Regulation Z, which amounts are required to be adjusted annually for inflation, including Reg Z Threshold Amount and the Higher-Risk HPML amount. This has triggered some changes to our global value mappings for some forms. Learn more.
  • In order to support printing multiple copies of the 4506-C with different data populating lines 6, 7, and 8, we have created a new Multi-Doc Collection that we will use for our generic copy of the 4506-C, Cx3095. Learn more.
  • We added a field (FI: 97269) to certain Washington, D.C. forms for purchase money mortgages or purchase money deeds of trust to “reference the deed conveying title to the purchaser of the real property by date and instrument number,” in compliance with D.C. code. Learn more.
  • The global required field prompt in ConformX for Mortgage Insurance Premium, 1st Renewal Percent (FI 1104) on FHA loans has been modified for Section 184 Indian Home Loans to meet government requirements. Learn more.
  • In order to provide clarity, we will be updating the Indiana Property Tax Benefits form (Cx14885) to include a cover sheet that serves as a reminder of certain state requirements. Other than the addition of a cover sheet, no other changes have been made. Learn more.
  • The December 4.8.24 ConformX software release saw changes to our Amortization Schedule (Cx12) for Forgivable loans. Forgivable loans that are not disclosed as a balloon payment will now reflect the forgivable amount on the Amortization schedule at the desired frequency. Learn more.

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