Fulfillment Services Part III: Digitize Your Fulfillment Process with Docutech’s Fulfillment API

In the previous posts in this series, we’ve talked about why lenders shouldn’t be in the document fulfillment business and why digital lending doesn’t mean paperless lending. In this post, we want to share news of a technology that can turn any lender into a fulfillment superstar.

Executing print and mail services via API

We all know that optimizing operations, reducing costs and ensuring compliance is vital for mortgage lenders, and perfecting the paper fulfillment process is key to that pursuit. However, turnkey fulfillment of non-loan related documents has been a challenge, until now.

To solve for this, Docutech developed a direct to fulfillment API solution to enable lenders to send virtually any document digitally to our fulfillment centers for print and mail. Lenders can now send loan-related and non-loan related documents directly to Docutech.  Don’t use Docutech for your loan document generation today? No problem. This service is available to Docutech ConformX and Solex clients as well as to those on different doc gen systems.

Why more lenders are choosing Docutech

Our direct to fulfillment API requires limited data points and can be implemented relatively quickly. The service is system agnostic, only requiring the ability to generate and export a simple, XML-based data file that includes attachments to be delivered in order to take advantage of the benefits of our secure and reliable print and mail services.

We operate two print and mail delivery centers, ensuring redundancy, which helps lenders reduce the overall cost of print and mail. Our large scale and process expertise allows for cost optimization for postage, including the benefits offered through pre-sort services.

Additional benefits through our fulfillment API service:

  • Multiple quality control points built-in at each stage of the process
  • Full regulatory compliance, specifically to statutory timelines
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery of documents
  • Online dashboard with the ability to cancel the delivery
  • No need for lenders to staff up or down as volume fluctuates

To learn more about leveraging this direct to fulfillment service, email us at sales@docutech.com or call us at 1.800.497.3584.