Docutech, Floify Integrate to Bring Document Automation to Lending Point-of- Sale

In the spirit of providing lenders and borrowers with a more efficient, digital loan origination process, Docutech recently announced an agreement to integrate with mortgage automation and SaaS point-of-sale (POS) platform Floify. The integration of these two technology platforms will streamline the generation, delivery and signature of loan disclosures.

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Floify’s POS provides lenders with the customer-facing software for facilitating the front-end of mortgage process, providing them with what they need to transact business digitally. This includes an integrated loan application that tracks the progress of the loan and enables uploading documentation, as well as direct-source data verification services and the power to issue disclosures within the POS with eSignature.

The integration between Floify and Docutech makes this documentation and disclosure process seamless in the lender’s workflow. Once integrated, loan data for all new applications entered on a lender’s website via the Floify POS platform will trigger the creation of loan disclosures through Docutech’s ConformX dynamic doc generation system and eDeliver them to the borrower(s) for eSignature via Docutech’s Solex platform.

For lenders this will reduce loan origination time and costs and improve data quality. At the same time, borrowers will benefit from quickly receiving disclosures, freeing up time to review this information at their own pace, and conveniently sign electronically from any device 24/7.

In the press announcement, Floify’s CEO, Dave Sims, said, “In today’s fast-moving mortgage market, loan originators increasingly desire a comprehensive digital automation solution like Floify to improve the lender-borrower experience. Our partnership and integration with Docutech means our platform now supports disclosures from generation through eSignature, effectively making the mortgage origination process faster, easier and more convenient than ever before.”

Docutech’s ConformX generates digital, dynamic documents for every step of the loan process. Every data field is imported, defaulted or automatically populated through rules-based intelligence and calculations. The doc engine also ensures that all disclosures are compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

With Floify serving as the system of record for loan data used to generate the disclosures, the two platforms will enable lenders to streamline and expedite loan originations while improving quality, compliance and customer service.

“Consumers expect convenient, immediate, and customized experiences from the brands they do business with, and mortgage lending is becoming no exception. Docutech is focused on continuing to deliver innovative solutions to lenders through technology integrations that solve key challenges for our industry,” said Amy Brandt, president and CEO of Docutech. “This integration further demonstrates Docutech’s commitment to help drive the mortgage industry’s evolution towards a fully digital loan process.”

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