Docutech’s Solex Brings eSign Customization to Loan Documents with New Editor Features

A common pain point for many lenders we speak to is the inability to seamlessly enable electronic delivery and eSignature for every document that needs to be provided to the borrower.  Too often, lenders struggle to send additional documents beyond those included in the standard loan doc package, such as appraisal acknowledgments, change of address addendums or explanatory letters, to name a few.

This specific – and common – need led Docutech to innovate document Editor capabilities within Solex eSign.

The enhancement to Solex eSign came about because of the inefficient and often confusing workarounds lenders tend to have to resort to in order to deliver independent documents to borrowers, separate from the standard loan package documents.  Because other eSigning technologies are either not directly integrated with the lender’s loan document engine, or because their capabilities are more limited in functionality, they fall short of providing lenders and borrowers the streamlined experience they seek.  

We designed Solex eSign Editor with efficiency and an improved borrower experience in mind. With Editor, lenders can easily add their own documents to eSign document packages generated by Docutech’s ConformX document engine. They can then edit and enable those documents for borrower eSignatures, additional text fields and even check box options.

This eliminates the need to send the borrower multiple emails for documents separate from the loan document package or incur delays, expenses, and a poor customer experience related to ink signatures, scanning, mailing, and document coordination. It also eliminates the need for the borrower to interact with different eSign solutions for different documents and instead provides the borrower with a consistent brand experience by only interacting with one system throughout the process.

The impact is significant. Mike Hole, Senior Vice President and CIO for Cherry Creek Mortgage said, “With Docutech, we’re able to provide our borrowers a more streamlined, convenient, and modern, digital way to interact with us. We generate our core loan documents through Docutech’s ConformX dynamic doc gen engine, which is integrated with our LOS and now, with Solex eSign with Editor features, we can attach any additional documents, enable them for eSign, send them directly to the borrower via eDelivery, and securely store the documents with our complete loan doc package.”

Lenders need solutions to not only streamline operations, but to also provide borrowers the convenience of being able to read and understand the terms of their loan and related documents, on their own terms and in the comfort of their own home. Solex eSign Editor is the all-in-one eSign solution to help lenders take the next step towards a streamlined and complete end-to-end digital lending experience.