MBA Annual 2018 – Monumental Focus on Digital!

Thousands of mortgage industry leaders took to Washington D.C. this past week for MBA’s 2018 Annual conference, focused on innovation and change to optimize the origination process for all involved. Throughout the event, the exhibit floor buzzed with conversations around new industry integrations to streamline and propel the end-to-end digital mortgage process as well as the growing capabilities of new products and services.  

Thought leaders from some of the most prominent firms in the industry contributed to sessions ranging from operations and strategy to vision and insight on policy and market trends. In addition to each day’s compelling sessions and product demos, MBA Annual 2018 offered attendees unique and memorable opportunities for engagement and networking.

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With increasing industry adoption, lenders continue to focus on advancing their offering of a digital mortgage process. Leading technology providers showcased the increasingly robust capabilities of their platforms, this included our own Solex eClose platform. As lenders continue to seek to reduce their origination costs and improve the experience for their borrowers, leveraging technology to advance from paper to hybrid to even full eNote eClose processes was one of the hottest topics of the conference. Beyond the functionalities of a robust eClose platform, we were able to quickly demonstrate to lenders their potential cost savings and ROI based on annual loan volumes and average loan sizes.

Vital to achieving end-to-end electronic mortgage processes is integration with POS, LOS, and supporting technology providers. Leading into MBA Annual, we announced our integration with Blend. Through the integration of Blend’s digital mortgage platform and Docutech’s document generation and eSignature solutions, lenders and borrowers benefit from a more streamlined, digitally-focused origination process starting at the point of sale.

As is expected each year, MBA Annual continues to serve as the leading event for lenders to exchange ideas and gain new insights on how best to effectively circumvent many of today’s common roadblocks for the mortgage industry. Is implementing digital mortgage technologies part of your 2019 strategic plan? If so, now is the time to understand how much you could save by implementing an integrated eClose platform.

Calculate Your eClose Cost Savings, Today! Schedule a Demo