Partner Spotlight: Docutech™ and Glance® Make Digital Lending Personal

As the financial industry gets closer to its goal of embracing full digital lending, it’s important that lenders not lose sight of the fact that many customers still want to interact with a real person when they have questions or need assistance, perhaps even more so in today’s environment. This is especially true in real estate and home finance where the transactions are complex and fewer consumers have enough experience and knowledge to feel comfortable navigating the ins and outs of the mortgage process alone.


The power of cobrowsing

Glance is a leading provider of visual engagement solutions including cobrowsing, screen sharing, mobile app sharing, and live agent video to enable lenders to better engage with their prospects or customers. Lenders can join the applicant in the browser and guide them through the digital loan origination experience, courtesy of Glance’s cobrowsing functionality integrated with Docutech’s eDelivery and eSignature solutions for initial disclosures.


Glance Cobrowse uses JavaScript to capture what a visitor to your website sees in their browser and shows it to an agent from your company. This allows the agent to quickly and easily see exactly what the visitor sees. It works in any browser on any device—the visitor never needs to download software, add extensions, enable plugins or WebRTC, etc.


Glance specializes in deeply embedding its solutions into its partners’ technology and workflow to provide a more frictionless agent/customer interaction.  Its tools are purpose built with the lender’s information security requirements in mind. Fields containing the borrower’s sensitive data, such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, etc., are masked from the view of the agent, and the information is never exposed to the lender’s servers.


The trends driving the digital lending transition

Any snag in the digital loan application experience represents a damaged customer experience and a potentially lost transaction. This risk is currently being exacerbated by four current trends, explained by Glance CEO Tom Martin in a recent Finovate webinar:


  1. Lending is a high priority for financial services companies.

In fact, lending is critical to the success of most FIs and that’s why Fintechs have been flooding into the space for the past few years. In recent surveys, lending ranked in the top three priorities for most banks. Banks know that loan products are fuel for their businesses because these customers are more loyal than most.


  1. The lending market is in the midst of massive disruption.

Rocket Mortgage may have started it all in 2015, but they are far from the only driver of digital mortgages. Today, more than 50% of all loan apps are taken online or via a mobile device. This unbundling of financial services from traditional banks has been incredibly disruptive, but the rebundling of these products by the new fintechs will be even more so.


  1. The continued commoditization of loan products.

In the wake of Dodd-Frank, lenders have found that the risk associated with being creative with loan products was simply too high to be profitable. As a result, mortgage products are more commoditized than ever before. Lenders are desperate to find a way to stand out. They won’t find the answer in their product menu; it’s hiding in the Customer Experience (CX).


  1. The borrower experience is everything.

Consumer surveys have shown that half of consumers under the age of 55 say they would change banks for a better digital experience. CX is the ultimate battle ground.


Taken together, these trends point to a complex competitive environment that calls for a strategic approach that Docutech president Amy Brandt has called, “the right balance of digital technologies and personal interaction.”


Glance, with its ability to help lenders join borrowers in the digital loan process to resolve potential problems, rescue lost or stalled transactions and develop lifelong customer bonds, is part of that strategic solution.


Docutech’s integrations with leading technology providers, like Glance, are key to helping us deliver end-to-end solutions that enable lenders to streamline loan origination, reduce costs, and optimize the experience for the borrower.


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