September 2023 Compliance Recap


Our team of experts at Docutech continually reviews requirements for document changes and publishes real-time updates. To help keep you in the know, the monthly Docutech Compliance Recap brings you the most recent compliance updates. Here’s our latest recap:

Document Updates

    • We have updated our Notice of Servicing Transfer: Illinois (Cx17905) to remove the disclosure of the primary regulator of the lender. This language is no longer required under Ill. Read more.
    • Cx6179 TX Home Equity Second Deed of Trust has been updated to support MERS functionality. The applicable MERS language will print on Cx6179 when: MERS (18100) = YES. Read more.
    • After a document library audit, Docutech has decided to retire two non-TRID second-lien documents because neither one has been in use for over four years. They are: Cx13586 Truth-In-Lending Disclosure – 2nd Lien and Cx13587 First Payment Letter – 2nd Lien. Read more.  
    • VA Form 26-1820 Report and Certification of Loan Disbursement is given in accordance with 38 CFR § 36.4303. Section (a) requires several certifications from the lender and must be given “not later than 60 days following full disbursement”. Read more.
    • After an audit of our HELOC – MT Deed of Trust (Cx3027), we have decided to update the default language to more closely match the FNMA uniform instruments. Read more
    • As previously announced in a Docutech Compliance News Alert, on August 23, 2023, Fannie Mae announced that the Model Form for the District of Columbia Deed of Trust (Form 3009) has been revised again to provide further clarity in Paragraph 26(a) “Notice of Default”…. Read more.
    • In 2022, Maine passed its version of the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Certificates (RULONA). Upon the passage of this RULONA, Maine had two general notary statutes in effect each with their own model notary forms. After reviewing our documents, we are updating the Maine notary blocks to be consistent with the RULONA statute. Read more

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