Spotlight: The Mortgage Collaborative—Providing Partner Visibility and Business Opportunities

We sat down with Tom Gallucci, the Vice President of Business Development for The Mortgage Collaborative, to spotlight their mission and the services they offer in this collaborative group. Docutech is the collaborative’s exclusive doc services provider offering members preferred pricing to the ConformX dynamic doc gen engine as well as the Solex eSignature and eClosing platform.

To start, what is the core mission of The Mortgage Collaborative?

The Mortgage Collaborative’s (TMC) core mission is singularly focused on the growth and profitability of independent mortgage bankers and community deposit lenders alike. By bringing together a best-in-class preferred partner network who share TMC’s core mission, we seek to collectively increase profitability and enhance operational efficiencies for our lender members with the end goal of helping fuel the American Dream of homeownership.

One message The Mortgage Collaborative talks about frequently is the “Power of the Network.” Can you explain how being a part of this network can provide value?

The Power of the Network is the idea that by leveraging the ingenuity and passion between our preferred partners and lender members, that collectively we can work together to solve many of the issues facing the mortgage industry with TMC serving as the catalyst through our network engagements. Lender members can leverage TMC’s preferred partner network for solutions with discounted pricing and/or enhanced benefits. TMC also offers its lender members opportunities to participate in our Collaboration Labs and TMCBenchmark solution to analyze and improve the operations of their businesses as a benefit of membership.

What stood out to you about the recent Summer conference from previous iterations of the event?

What stood out to the me the most during the conference was the energy and optimism towards continued volume growth for the mortgage industry. Among the most popular discussed topics were digital marketing strategies to enhance your brand presence, the evolution and adoption of e-closings and e-notes, as well as our emerging technologies, women’s networking and CEO roundtable sessions.

There was a “Preferred Partner Lightning Showcase” as well as a “Preferred Partner Advisory Panel.” Can you give some insight into what TMC looks for in a preferred partner and the benefits of achieving that status?

Great question! Our Preferred Partner Advisory Council provides our preferred partner network a voice from some of our most engaged and executive leaders in the partner network. The council advises TMC on strategies to maximize preferred partner visibility and business opportunities. This is done through creative methods of enhancing engagement between our partners and members.

The lightning showcase is quickly becoming a staple of our member conferences. We dedicate a half-day of the conference to spotlighting our preferred partners in short-segment Q&As, case studies co-presented with TMC lender clients and live demo formats. Each format allows our partners to educate lenders on their innovative solutions and evolving issues of importance to our members in an open-door format.

TMC leans heavily on the insights of our lender members to indicate the experiences they’re having with third-party providers and emerging verticals within the loan origination lifecycle where TMC should consider a partnership. At the end of the day, TMC is always seeking best-in-breed companies that can provide enhanced execution for our lender members companies of varying sizes and business models.

TMC emphasizes its mission to help lenders prepare for a diverse client base. Why is this more important than ever before?

The demographics of the homeowner both today and tomorrow across America is in a constant state of diversification. Therefore, the challenge lenders face to grow while staying nimble and ahead of the curve in accommodating consumer preferences is ever present. TMC’s goal at its member conferences is to facilitate a collaborative environment of idea sharing and interactive discussion across a multitude of topics and walk away with actionable solutions to many of these areas of growth opportunity.


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