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MBA’s Secondary Market Conference Recap

Posted by Jake Butikofer on May 27, 2016 12:21:19 PM


Providing a recap for conferences such as these is always difficult because there is always so much valuable feedback from lenders and partners alike. However, some of the most talked about buzz topics this year were centered around better loan process workflow, which is always top of mind for lenders, and the borrower experience.


So far, borrower experience hasn’t been one of the major topics in the industry but is becoming more and more relevant as we move through 2016. Whether lenders are feeling pressure from new regulations or from borrowers themselves, this topic must be taken seriously if lenders want to stay at the forefront of potential customers.

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Topics: Technology

The importance of borrower experience in mortgage lending

Posted by Jake Butikofer on Apr 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

unspecified-914949-edited.jpgGetting a mortgage is a big deal. You’d think all lenders would recognize this and make extra effort to ensure the borrower experience is as smooth as possible. But just do a little online research, and you’ll learn that most lender reviews and blog posts reveal that the majority of borrowers are unhappy, dissatisfied customers. 


Right now you may be thinking, “Of course the reviews are negative because dissatisfied customers are much more likely to report their bad experiences than happy customers are.” Or from personal experience you may be of the opinion that nobody is "overjoyed" when it comes to getting a loan and paying it back, especially first time home buyers. But even one happy customer can create a ripple effect of referrals and repeat business, so why not strive for excellence with every client?

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Topics: Customer Service

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