Q2 2022 Compliance Roundup

The second quarter of 2022 saw many compliance news and document updates. Our compliance experts are continually reviewing requirements for document changes, and as you will see below, have found plenty since the end of the first quarter. Make sure you also take note of the New Document, Late Fee Updates and Global Mapping Updates located towards the bottom of this roundup.

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Q1 2022 Compliance Roundup

While short on compliance news, the first quarter of 2022 was packed with several important document updates. Our experts are always reviewing compliance requirements for document changes, and as you will see below, have found plenty from the beginning of the year. Make sure you also take note of the Recent Article and Global Mapping updates located towards the bottom for the most thorough roundup.

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Opposing Supply-Demand Forces Hold Key to Housing Market Potential

While still 4 percent higher than one year ago, the market potential for existing-home sales declined to its lowest level since June 2021, according to the first Potential Home Sales Model report of 2022. Demand for homes will remain strong in 2022, but declining affordability and lack of supply may limit market potential. Potential home buyers have little inventory to select from, and you can’t buy what’s not for sale. Rebalancing of demand relative to the short supply is likely as demand moderates due to declining affordability, and house price appreciation slows down in response. 

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New Study: eClosing Increases ROI for Lenders and Title Agents

A full eClosing occurs when all closing documents are electronically signed and notarized online; including the eNote and security instrument. There are variations such as hybrid eClosings, where only certain parts of the lending process are brought online. Based on a recent study of Notarize customers conducted by MarketWise, implementing eClosings (whether hybrid or full) has shown the most impact on ROI for lenders —  saving them time and improving loan quality and customer satisfaction.

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How Will Rising Mortgage Rates Impact Spring Home-Buying?

In November, year-over-year nominal house price appreciation reached 21.5 percent, the sixth consecutive month it has set a new record. According to our Real House Price Index (RHPI) - which measures housing affordability based on changes in income, interest rates and nominal house prices - affordability declined 21.0 percent compared with a year ago, as the growth in nominal house prices combined with the 30-basis point increase in the 30-year, fixed mortgage rate vastly outpaced the 4.4 percent increase in income. Affordability is likely to decline further in 2022, because both mortgage rates and nominal house prices are expected to rise. 

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December '21 Compliance Roundup

As the year came to a close, we made a number of changes to documents in our library, but we didn’t see any activity coming out of the state legislators or from federal agencies or regulators during the month of December. We anticipate this will change as 2022 gets underway. Our expert compliance team will keep you up to date.

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