MBA’s Secondary Market Conference Recap

Providing a recap for conferences such as these is always difficult because there is always so much valuable feedback from lenders and partners alike. However, some of the most talked about buzz topics this year were centered around better loan process workflow, which is always top of mind for lenders, and the borrower experience.


So far, borrower experience hasn’t been one of the major topics in the industry but is becoming more and more relevant as we move through 2016. Whether lenders are feeling pressure from new regulations or from borrowers themselves, this topic must be taken seriously if lenders want to stay at the forefront of potential customers.

Another possibility of why this is important can be tied to the fact that the industry is seeing more millennials in the borrowing space, some of whom are working on purchasing their second home. The reason for this speculation is because millennials concern themselves with a brand as a whole, not just the process and not just the end result. One of the top suggestions we can give to lenders is to choose a document management solution that helps you streamline your loan workflow while staying compliant. This is why Docutech is always committed to building powerful products that meet the needs of our clients and partners.


If we look forward into 2017, we will see an industry focused towards the end consumer from every aspect. We believe that when the needs of the consumer are met, we all win in a much larger way.