Monthly Loan Document Compliance: Keeping an Eye on Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act

Our compliance experts have been hard at work, cataloging the rule changes being published by regulators and investors across the country. In this roundup, we offer some compliance news and a number of document changes that occurred in May. For more details on any of these important changes, follow the links below or visit our compliance website.

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Perhaps the biggest news of the month was the “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act” (US SB 2155 [2018]), which was approved by Congress and sent on to the President, who signed it on May 24, 2018. This Act amends various Federal laws governing financial transactions, including (but certainly not limited to) HMDA, the SAFE Act, and TILA, and is expected to have significant impacts on our industry as its various parts go into effect.

Naturally, our compliance team is watching this closely and will advise our clients as regulatory changes occur.

State and Investor Compliance News

A number of states published changes in May that may impact our customers. Here’s a look at the changes we are tracking on behalf of our clients.

Virginia: The Department of Veteran’s Affairs issued Circular 26-18-13 regarding the “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act.” It provides guidance as to how creditors are to comply with certain provisions of the Act. More.

Minnesota: The state passed a Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts last month MN S.F. 893 which makes the Act part of state law. More.The state’s Department of Commerce also updated dollar amounts under two other state laws. More.

Vermont: Passed the Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, which codified it as new Chapter 103 in Title 26 of Vermont’s Statutes. More.

 Maryland: The state has passed its Financial Consumer Protection Act of 2018 which, among other provisions, exempts certain loans from the provisions of Subtitle 1, Title 12 of Maryland’s Commercial Law, if such loans are declared to be made pursuant to certain other laws. More.

Oregon: State regulators have issued a Data Integrity Warning for Russian and Vietnamese language loans in the state. The state’s law requires lenders/brokers to provide certain material to the borrower in English and in the language other than English in which a substantial portion of the communication that is related to the transaction takes place. More.

Georgia: Fulton County now requires a PIN on recordable instruments. More.

USDA: The agency has updated its form RD 3555-21 and will put it into effect on October 1. More.

FHFA: The agency has outlined its plans for language access support in the form of its new “Language Access Multi-Year Plan.” More.

Fannie Mae: Fannie has updated its model renovation documents. The investor made the announcement in its “May 8 Selling News” email. More.

Document Changes

We have a number of document changes for you this month. Here is a summary, along with links that will provide more information. The following documents were all updated in May.

  • The New Jersey Private Well Water Test Results has been updated. More.
  • New fields were created for certain security instruments used in Kentucky and Tennessee to accommodate additional information in use in these states. More.
  • Generic Private Mortgage Insurance Disclosure forms, including Cx29, Cx14292, Cx14293, and Cx14294. More.
  • The Notice to Homeowner -- Assumption of FHA Mortgages (Cx1566). More.
  • Addendum to Loan Application Form-Fill (Cx13441). More.
  • ECOA Address Update to Form RD 410-9 (Cx2862). More.
  • Loan Estimate (Cx18565) and Spanish Loan Estimate (Cx18990) – Closing Costs Expiration Changes (both TRID related). More.
  • Promissory Notes, Integrated Disclosures, and Land Trusts (system docs) More.
  • DC Lock-In Agreement (Cx10455). More.
  • VA Loan Summary Sheet (Cx57). More.
  • WI Property Tax Escrow Option (Cx1023). More.
  • VA Loan Analysis (Cx5533). More.
  • New Fannie Mae Renovation Forms (Cx22292, Cx22293, Cx22294, and Cx22295). More.


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