Hidden Benefits: Maximizing the Use of Your Document Generation Vendor to Reduce Costs and Create Efficiency

The mortgage lending industry has undergone significant transformation in recent years, with a growing trend toward the adoption of end-to-end digital processes. In this landscape, the end-to-end digital mortgage is positioned as a key driver of efficiency and cost savings – with document generation at the core. Mortgage lenders should go beyond what’s in the name and fully understand the range of benefits that a comprehensive document generation partner can offer.

Understanding and Maximizing Use of Your Doc Gen Vendor

When selecting a provider for your doc gen needs, certain core features and capabilities will ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Single Provider for Document Generation, eSign, eClose, eDelivery, Print Fulfillment, and Compliance

A comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of the mortgage lending process can provide major advantages in terms of efficiency and cost savings. A single provider should be able to offer integrated document generation, eSignature, eClosing, eDelivery, print fulfillment, and compliance. The vendor should also be able to provide automated pushback of data, events, and documents throughout the loan lifecycle.

Speed of Document Generation and Processing

A fast and efficient document generation process can be a major time-saver and help to streamline the loan origination process. The vendor should be able to generate high-quality documents quickly and accurately.

Digitally-Driven Borrower Experience

A good document generation vendor should be able to provide an optimal digital experience for borrowers, helping to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the loan origination process. Security: Your doc gen vendor should be able to demonstrate its ability to consistently ensure the security, confidentiality, and availability of customer data through industry standard certifications such as SOC 2® Type II. It also should have well-defined and tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure continual service in the event of emergencies. Your vendor should be able to be flexible and adapt to your security requirements

Unique Features and Capabilities to Look For

Here’s where we dig into what separates the wheat from the chaff. Leading doc gen partners offer thoughtful, elevated, and unique features and capabilities beyond the baseline. These additional capabilities are tailored to solve the unique challenges facing mortgage lenders.

Fast Dynamic Document Generation

Rather than relying on static documents or a document library, a best-in-class document generation vendor should be able to offer dynamic document generation, with generation speeds of only a few seconds. This means that the documents are code-based and rules-driven, created rapidly, and can be repaginated based on variable data mapped to content for more precise loan packages based on the unique needs of each loan. Further downstream, event data, loan data and documents can be returned automatically to your LOS when a lender or borrower completes an action; allowing a loan officer to know exactly where the loan is in the process.

eVault for Secure Storage

Secure storage is critical for sensitive package documents and audit logs. Look for an integrated eVault solution with best-in-class security controls, data retention settings that meet legal requirements, redundant architecture, and a disaster recovery plan. It’s also critical that your solution support the complete suite of functionality provided by the MERS® eNote Registry and have approvals from investors such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The use of an eVault can help lenders quickly clear loans from warehouse lines, reduce post-closing costs, eliminate the need for paper document scanning, and reduce costly missed signatures. It can also improve compliance by providing an accurate and complete audit trail of the loan, and improve efficiency and user experience.

Detailed Metadata

Detailed metadata, which includes information on the document, document and recipient attributes, and field data allows more intelligent system updating after documents are returned.


Working with a document generation vendor that has a professional compliance department can help to maximize protection against administrative fines or penalties, costly litigation, and reduce “buy-back” exposure. Make sure your vendor is monitoring and implementing all federal, state, agency, and investor document changes to ensure compliance.

Customizable Workflows and Templates

The ability to create custom templates that align with your specific business processes and branding can help to reduce the cost of document creation and modification, as well as ensure a consistent borrower experience, enhancing your brand reputation.

Mobile Accessibility

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, changing the way we interact and conduct business. With the advancement of technology, borrowers have come to expect a certain level of digitization from their lenders, particularly when it comes to mortgage loans. A vendor whose product is accessible via mobile device allows borrowers and lenders to access documents and communicate from anywhere, at any time.

Closing Collaboration Portal

A secure and private portal for quick and effective two-way communication can help to improve the loan origination process and increase efficiency. Automating the process for mortgage lenders to validate fees with settlement/closing agents electronically ensures accurate closing documents are consistently delivered on time, supporting timely delivery of the TILA-RESPA required closing disclosure.

Working with a leading document generation provider for your digital mortgage offering can lead to significant cost reductions, improved customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency. By automating manual processes, reducing the need for manual data entry, and streamlining the loan origination process with real-time collaboration and communication, these providers offer a more efficient and compliant end-to-end mortgage process. Additionally, integrations with other partners/systems and registries, such as LOS, POS, and MERS, facilitate a more efficient and accurate loan origination process. It is important to consider whether the provider you are working with today is making the end-to-end process as easy and efficient as it could be. If you are looking to improve your current process while also being a driver of cost savings, we recommend reaching out for a discovery session with one of our experts.

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