Docutech’s Jamie Mottern named one of this year’s Women of Tech by Mortgage Women Magazine


Jamie Mottern, SVP of Partnerships & Client Success at Docutech, has been named one of Mortgage Women Magazines 2024 Women of Tech. Mortgage Women Magazine invited readers and mortgage professionals to nominate professionals deserving of the Women of Tech award.

“Our goal was to identify the most skilled, driven and iconic individuals who are not only excelling but also leaving a meaningful impact on the mortgage industry,” says Mortgage Woman Magazine.

Jamie has made significant contributions to mortgage technology through her strategic initiatives and active involvement in the industry. Externally, she has played a vital role in fostering collaboration with clients to harness Docutech's capabilities effectively alongside their chosen technology partners. Her dedication to creating customer-centric partnerships has resulted in the seamless integration of borrower and lender experiences, bridging the gap between Docutech and partner solutions to cater to customers' needs.

“Jamie’s commitment to fostering collaboration among technology providers has resulted in the successful integration of automation-driven, cost-effective solutions for lenders,” said Emily Shapiro, President at Docutech. “Her leadership and dedication to knowledge sharing is evident in her role as a speaker at industry events. We value her collaborative spirit and are thankful to have her on our team.”

Jamie is committed to advocating for women in mortgage technology and demonstrates it daily through her actions at work and in her personal life. As one of the co-founders of The Women of ALICE, a 501c3 non-profit organization, she has helped pave the way for aspiring and senior women leaders in the mortgage finance industry. This organization champions women and provides them with opportunities to embrace their strengths, create connections, overcome barriers, mentor others, and thrive through immersive experiences, community, and philanthropy. 

“The mortgage industry is poised for a transformative shift,” said Mottern. “Diverse perspectives and experiences are crucial for conceiving and delivering innovation. Women, taking on increasingly strategic and innovative leadership roles, enrich this diversity. Witnessing women aspire to higher, more impactful positions is inspiring, as I believe their unique viewpoints will pave the way for novel, beneficial solutions for lenders and borrowers.”