Our Top 5 Recommendations to Streamline Your Operations


It’s springtime, and what better way to get a fresh start than by spring-cleaning your operations with Docutech’s What’s In/What’s Out checklist. Move forward this season by saying “hello” to digital convenience and automated streamlining, and “goodbye” to manual limitations and time-consuming processes.

Here are our top recommendations.


What’s In
Electronically Closing Your Mortgage Transactions

What’s Out
Resource-Consuming Paper Closings

In today’s digital world, borrowers have developed a certain level of expectations when it comes to convenience and efficiency in their transactions, and a mortgage closing is no exception. eClosing provides your borrower with the modern experience they’re looking for, and is also a faster, more accurate way to execute your mortgage transactions.


What’s In
Fully Dynamic Documents, Generated Directly from Your LOS

What’s Out
Manually Requesting Documents from a Separate Document Generation System

Disparate data and documents take time to reconcile. Docutech’s integration with leading loan origination systems allows you to produce data-driven documents that meet specific criteria. Every data field is imported, defaulted or automatically populated through rules-based intelligence and calculations, to provide next-level efficiencies.


What’s In
Automatic Compliance Changes to Documents by a Team of Experts

What’s Out
Tracking and Managing Compliance Changes Individually

The regulatory compliance landscape is ever evolving, which makes keeping up with changes to ensure compliance a serious challenge. Understanding the nuances of compliance for all the states and counties nationwide, as well as the unique laws of each, is a time-dense process. The seasoned team at Docutech helps ensure your documents remain compliant by continually monitoring regulatory changes and making automatic updates to the documents in our system. And the part about this service that makes this “in” a real win is that it’s provided to Docutech clients at no additional fee.


What’s In
Automated Document Fulfillment Only When Needed

What’s Out
Printing and Mailing Documents to Signers Manually

Printing and mailing documents to borrowers for every transaction can be a costly process. Default eClosings are cost efficient and they help your transactions run more smoothly. But for those times when shipping is needed, don’t let manual documents be a cause for delay. With Docutech’s integrated electronic delivery and configurable print-and-ship failover, disclosures and other documents automatically drop to standard print-and-mail service if a borrower doesn’t respond to the electronic version by a given time, which helps you avoid unnecessary delays. That means docs are delivered on time, every time.


What’s In
eSigning on Any Device, At Any Time

What’s Out
Being Limited in What Devices You Can Use for eSigning

Technology can be our best friend when it comes to convenience for both the signing agent and the borrower in your closing transactions. One way to ensure the best possible closing experience for everyone involved is with the convenience that Docutech provides by being able to eSign on any device, at any time. Our documents and platforms are responsive and designed to work on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Why tether your borrower’s experience to an office when you can provide the flexibility of signing and eClosing from anywhere?

Clear Your Path to Success

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