eSign Done Right: Solex™

Last year, we took a close look at the state of eSign technology in the mortgage industry. While there are a number of eSign solutions on the market, we still saw gaps in the capabilities our lenders demanded. As more lenders move toward electronic closings, we knew the industry needed a tool that any borrower could use without the need for extensive customer support or proprietary software. As a result, Solex is a top-to-bottom redesign and modernization of Docutech’s existing eSign platform – the foundation that allows us to take eSign performance to the next level.

Embracing the Mobile in eSignatures

The need and expectation for mobile eSign support in the mortgage space has grown, and so we designed Solex accordingly, allowing consumers to eSign on tablets or smartphones wherever they happen to be.


Solex also offers lenders:

  • Optimized user interface for a streamlined signing experience
  • Seamless integration with our ConformX™ document engine
  • Dynamic workflows that can be customized for portal operation
  • Client-defined branding and white-labeling options
  • Single sign-on and two-factor authentication options

The platform embraces a cleaner, clearer design to ensure that borrowers know exactly where they are in the process, and supports full custom branding.


Additionally, Solex is closely coupled with Docutech’s ConformX document platform to ensure complete data integrity throughout the document generation and processing lifecycle.

Solex is Built with the User Experience in Mind

Solex’s most important development is the new consumer user interface. It’s clean and intuitive, making it easy for consumers to complete their signing process quickly and efficiently. We used advanced software tools to mock up the new user interface and then performed usability testing to ensure that it was as easy to use as possible.


Its seamless connection to the rest of our document platform makes for a smooth borrower experience, where everything the lender presents to the parties is clear, easy to understand and easy to sign electronically.


Solex makes the experience even better by offering single sign-on. This enables the consumer to only sign into their lender’s online mortgage portal, which can then pass the borrower’s credentials into Solex, allowing them to get to work without signing into a new system. Borrowers never see a second login screen, and the system is completely secure.


After the optional document review step, the system then moves the borrower quickly from one signing point to the next, streamlining and speeding the signing process while preventing missed signatures.

Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started with Solex. For Docutech clients on our existing eSign platform, it's as simple as checking a configuration box in the administration screen to turn on Solex.


Solex is highly customizable to match your existing branding scheme. It can be white labeled and hosted within a borrower-facing portal. Solex is compatible with both in-house and third-party portal solutions. Solex can also work as a standalone tool, independent of a portal.

Solex is eSign done right, and we can’t wait to show you this tool. Call us today for a demonstration.