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eNotes in the News
The use of eNotes continues to expand across the mortgage industry. In May, MERS® reported that 44,170 eNotes were registered on the MERS eRegistry (as of the end of April 2021). There have now been over 1,155,052 eNotes registered since the inception of the MERS® eRegistry. MERS is also reporting an 83% year-over-year increase in the number of companies transacting on the MERS® eRegistry, (as of April 2021). The use of eNotes had already started to increase before the pandemic, but public health measures initiated as a response to COVID-19 surely accelerated the use of eNotes. This acceleration will likely continue as the mortgage market shifts away from refinances and pivots towards more purchase transactions as rates increase and the demand for housing remains strong.

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eClosing Masterclass: Navigating Closing Challenges in 2021

Recently, First American Docutech produced an informative eClosing masterclass webinar hosted by HousingWire. The event focused on helping better clarify the eClosing process and how lenders can get started to enable the optimization of the closing process as the demand for mortgage loans shifts emphasis from refinance to home purchase.

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eNotes – A Digital Lending Accelerator

The digitization of financial transactions continues to accelerate, just as cash is giving way to electronic payments, traditional paper mortgage processes are being replaced by digital mortgage processes.

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March 2021 Compliance Roundup

March was a busy month for our compliance professionals. We saw a number of changes from the nation’s largest mortgage investors (FNMA and FHLMC) and a number of States. The changes are detailed below.

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The Incredible Opportunity in Second Chances

During the ICE Mortgage Technology Experience 21 online conference last week, First American, parent company of First American Docutech, sponsored Cocktails & Conversations with Astronaut & Space Thought Leader Leland Melvin. With the conference theme of “Together We Experience,” First American Docutech President Amy Brandt and Bob Hart, Vice President of Business Development for ICE, interviewed Melvin to help inspire attendees by offering a fresh perspective.

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Great eExpectations

Customer expectation drives customer satisfaction. A customer at McDonald’s is generally satisfied when they receive their order quickly with a fresh tasting hamburger or fries. If that same customer goes to a high-end steak house, just getting a passable meal quickly is not enough. The expectation is now for perfect service, high quality steak and a memorable setting.

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5 Myths About Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization is helping people plan for their future, buy homes from their couch, and replace lost or stolen passports in a fraction of the time. Connecting with a notary via your phone or computer has not only made the notarization process easier, but more accessible. Its adoption is one of the fastest enactments of public policy in our country’s history, shaping how technology can better support life’s biggest moments.

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