Unravel the Jargon: What is a True “End-to-End” Loan Document Platform?

Any lender seeking a new technology partner has to wade through a river of nearly useless buzzwords. The cloud. AI. eMortgage. Blockchain. End-to-End.

They all have strong business cases, but too many companies just throw the words out there hoping to get their voice heard amongst companies seeking the newest offerings. Without substance, though, these bits of jargon mean nothing.

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How Fintech is Driving the Evolution of the Mortgage Industry

Historically, financial services organizations tend to invest in new technologies at a more conservative rate than firms in other industries. There are good reasons for that, because mortgage banking, like all financial services, has risk mitigation at its core. Adopting every new technology that comes down the pike is not a good way to manage risk in the enterprise. Depending on the size, infrastructure and resources of a particular lender, the decision to adopt new technology solutions can vary and impact the overall perception of financial services industry technology advancement.

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Using Mortgage Tech Solutions to Mobilize the Customer Experience

 The rise of mobile was one of the hottest trends in 2017 and it has carried over into every transaction the consumer engages in. With mobile now making up two-thirds of a consumer’s digital media time, the chances of interacting with a borrower through their mobile device is much more likely than through their desktop computer.

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Fighting Fraud with Lender Document Validation

Because mortgage transactions have significantly larger loan balances than other types of transactions, they are very attractive to fraudsters who are seeking an illicit payday. There are many schemes fraudsters use to steal money from mortgage lenders and their investors. These range from valuation-based schemes, where criminals attempt to mislead the institution as to the exact value of the property, to setting up straw borrowers with fake credit reports.

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Integrated eClosing Solutions – Now a Reality

The industry has been consistently moving closer to digital becoming the standard format for originating, closing and selling mortgages. However, the actual eClose has been one aspect of the digital mortgage transaction that has complicated the progress towards paperless becoming the industry norm. But integrated eClosing solutions are now becoming a reality to benefit the borrower, lender, title and settlement.

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History of eMortgage, Part III

When you consider the eMortgage process: taking a paper file filled with mortgage lending documents that was executed according to complex rules and converting that into an electronic computer file that is just as legally binding as the paper, it’s a little easier to understand why it has taken nearly two decades of work to get the industry as close to that idea as we are today.

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